Pushing Hands Technique / Cai, Li, Zhou, Kao


Cai means to leverage. When pushing, first measure opponent¡¯s force and use ¡°pull to move the thousand
pounds with four ounces¡± technique. Measure and pull thousand pounds which is possible by using
four ounces. Use very fast force to pull down followed by a fast action. Every action must be very fast.



Li is like coin bouncing off a spinning wheel when thrown into it. The movement is very agile and you
should borrow opponent¡¯s force to push out. If you throw something in whirling water, the force of the
water will pull down the thrown object. If something is on a branch of a tree, it will quickly sink down.
This is li jing.



If you understand different types of jing, you have comprehended empty and full and yin and yang.
If these jings are used together continuously by pulling opponent¡¯s force towards your body, you have
comprehended how the action was formulated



Kao is to lean or step into the opponent. Use your back and shoulder to control the opponent like
the diagonal flying posture. With out this technique, it may be difficult to defeat the opponent.
For kao jing, you must use your back and shoulder and wait for a chance to take action. The effect
could be similar to an exploding volcano but at the same time you must control your center and
weight point. If so the opponent cannot control you and only you will control the opponent.


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