Our beloved teacher is no longer with us but his teachings and spirit will be with all of his students and people he has
touched through out the years. Below is a brief biography of Master Yu which he wrote himself.


Welcome to the site

Thank you for visitng the site. Just to give you a bit of overview of my back ground, I was born in 1929 in Shanghai, China.
As a young boy, I studied Shaolin Chuan with Hou Zheng Chi. I went to Taiwan in 1949 and first studied Tai Chi Chuan with Lee Sou Chin. When Master Lee passed away, I became a disciple of Cheng Man Ching to further my studies. I came to United States in 1979 and have been teaching Tai Chi Chuan in New York and New Jersey.

Tai Chi Chuan was first created and introduced by Zhang San Feng with 13 postures. Thirteen postures are
composed of eight methods and five directions. Eight methods are peng, lu, ji, an, cai, li, zhou, and cao and five
directions are front, back, left, right, and center. Later on, Wang Zhong Wei based on 13 postures developed 108
long forms which has been passed on for generations. Tai Chi, a high form of martial arts, has many benefits.
People tend to focus on health benefits but if you practice Tai Chi Chuan with patience, not only will you acquire
self defense techniques but also attain special techniques such as zhan, lian, nian, and sui. I am 79 years old and
I can still fend off young people. You can increase incredible technique by practicing Tai Chi Chuan everyday.
I wish all of you will practice Tai Chi Chuan to attain special techniques. As a result, you will naturally become
strong and healthy for you to lead a happier life


Cheng Hsiang Yu


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